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Hola, just joined this community because music fiction is fucking awesome.

Story Name: One Night Lover
Chapter Name/Number: One-shot; One chapter
Writer: Toni Lynn; rawk_my_heart
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Adam Lazzara / Conor Oberst
Rating: PG-13/R
Summary: Conor and Adam meet up at a small after-party. Fluffiness ensues.
I don't own Adam Lazzara or Conor Oberst. I'd like to. God, I would. This fic is based on the song by Bright Eyes titled, "Lover I don't have to love'. And I don't think this ever happened.
Warnings: None really. Perhaps a bit of language.
Notes: Hope you like it. And I'm putting it on lj cut because I dunno, don't wanna clutter up the main page.


I couldn't believe I was here. I was in a small room, for a boring after-party, filled to the brim with people, and they all seemed to take great pleasure in shooting me the strangest looks they could muster. But at the time, I didn't really care. I continued to sip my drink, can't even remember what it was now, and let my eyes wander slowly over faces. Oh sure, there were beautiful girls. I could have had them all at the same time. But none of them stuck out. They were all the same, and it bored me.

But no. Glance back, look again. There's an angel by the door. But it's not a girl. No, no. This is a guy, and he looks like a sex god. I have to speak to him. And soon. I slink towards him, for once taking pride in my lithe form. I stop in front of him and he eyes me questionably, like he's not sure what I'm doing. I do a quick check of him, chuckling gently when I spot his shoes. At one time they looked to have been plain black low-top converse, but now they're so scuffed and dirty it's hard to tell whether they started out black, or he made them that way.

"I like your shoes.."

"Do you now?"

Not even a blush. Cocky son of a gun. But I like that. Makes me wanna giggle. I don't, however, just focus on keeping my eyes up, up, up.

"Yes I do. Care to join me upstairs?"

"Why not?"

I take his hand and pull him along quickly, not willing to share him with anyone. He's mine, at least for a while. As we ascend the stairs, I feel him step closer to me, and he gives my hand a small squeeze. Nice. I look back and he swings his sexy hair out of his eyes, almost causing me to stop. But no. Focus Conor.

And then we were there, entering the small room like two little children afraid of getting caught. I softly shut the door and leaned back against it, watching him with the best pair of "bedroom eyes" I could do. Apparently, I looked simply silly, for he laughed at me.

"That's rich, Conor. Really rich. You look like you're trying to hypnotize me."

I blushed and lowered my gaze to the ground, quite surprised when he lifted my chin up a moment later. His fingers were soft on my skin and I couldn't help but grin.

"Why do I have the feeling you didn't just bring me up here to talk?"

"Are you aware what kind of pants you're wearing?"

"Um.. Normal ones?"

"Tight ones. I was close to getting a hard-on just watching you. Who are you?"

"Your one-night stand. Isn't that enough information?"

Before I could respond his lips were on mine, and they felt like fire. Cold fire. That makes no sense, does it? But that's what it was. And what's a man to do but kiss him back and try to control himself to the best of his abilities. Which wasn't easy considering not a second later he slid his hand inside my pants and took ahold of me, biting into my lip at the same time.

"God damn.."

But, alas, we could easily hear from downstairs that the club was closing and we hesistantly disentangled ourselves. The walk to get outside seemed to take forever, and he wouldn't let me run. Bastard. But, finally, we exploded into the night air and I grabbed his thin waist, slamming him against the wall, and crushing my bruised lips to his. I wouldn't dare let him move for a good ten minutes, slamming him back with my waist everytime he pushed forward. I eventually let him breathe, however, and he grinned, glancing around us.

"I dunno where I parked.."

Oh like it mattered right now.

"The train. C'mon."

So off we stumbled, stopping often to kiss and touch, and bite. God, I loved nights like this. Back to reality, though. We made it to the train and after we made it on, we continued our ministrations on each other, ignoring the looks from the old lady near us. In fact, my mysterious man went the extra mile to moan loudly no matter what I did. This was great, and I had to laugh, but I did so quietly.

The train was slowing, and I jerked him towards the door, pulling him off as soon as they opened. I pulled him towards the nearest men's restroom, pleased to see we were the only ones inside. I pushed him hard against the wall and stared into his eyes, running my tongue painfully slow across his bottom lip.

"Tell me your name.. Please.."

He stared back at me, his hands squeezing my hips so hard I knew they'd bruise.

"Adam Lazzara."

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