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Heart on Your Sleeve

Heart On Your Sleeve
Chapter 02
Straylight Run/Brand New/Taking Back Sunday
Author: shayminn/ xxkonstantinex
Pairing:John Nolan/Jesse Lacey/Adam Lazzara
Rating: PG-13! (R later on.)
Disclaimer:Don't know, don't own.

A/N:Uh, the stuff Adam reads aloud is from the novel Catcher in the Rye, which also doesn't belong to me. ^^;

For echoelf, this is your requested high school fiction... enjoy.



His name was Adam Lazzara, a new student from some small town in North Carolina, a town John hadn't ever heard of in his life. Adam had used to live in a small house, but his parents had decided it would be better for them all if they moved to the city... so here he was.

For a 'country boy', Adam sure had class. John could smell him from where he sat -- a sweet, coconutty smell, which for some reason, didn't seem to match Adam's personality. He didn't seem to care -- about the class or anything. That soft, feathery hair blocked his face completely from John's sight, his head tilted slightly to the side as he rested it on the palm of one black nailed hand. His shirt was untucked, his pants were too long and went over his shoes, and his tie lay undone around his neck.

And, as Ms. Delare had informed him, John was stuck beside Adam all year... well, semester anyway. For the present moment, it seemed like a bad thing. Adam looked to be nothing but trouble.

A knock on the classroom’s door brought everyone's attention to the front of the room, especially once Ms. Delare stepped out of it. Immediately, the class livened up, and the room was filled with a busy chatter. John turned back to his book, pretending to be reading it while actually watching Adam.

Adam flipped his hair out of his eyes in one quick movement, turning to look directly at John's book... since that was mostly what Adam could see, anyway.

"That book is upside down, John." he stated simply, and before John knew it, the book was out of his hands and into Adam's. John watched Adam look over the cover before actually opening the book, and reading aloud from its pages...

"...that depressed me. I could see my mother going into Spaulding's and asking the salesman a million dopey questions - and here I was getting the axe again. It made me feel pretty sad. She bought me the wrong kind of skates - I wanted racing skates and she bought hockey - but it made me sad anyway. Almost every time somebody gives me a present it ends up making me sad."

John paused, reaching over and taking back his book. He didn't say anything to Adam yet. He was... scared, almost. Was Adam picking on him?

"I love that book. We read it last year at my old school. I felt like I could really relate to Holden." Adam stated softly, grinning in a sheepish way, "Didn't you read it last year?"

"Well... yeah. But I liked it a lot. I got it a few weeks after school ended." John stated, smiling weakly, "It's one of my favorites."

"Mine too. Usually, they get us to read these piece of shit books that don't get good until the end, but I was surprised when I read this. I actually enjoyed it... it made me cry because I felt so deeply for Holden at some points in the story."

This shocked John, more than anything else did because he had figured that Adam was just some slacker kid, like that guy in the Breakfast Club who got to make out with Molly Ringwald. But Adam seemed to be deeper (and smarter) than John originally gave him credit for.

"I didn't cry -- it takes more than that to even make me tear up." John said, giving Adam a crooked grin. Adam returned the look, which suited him, more than it did John. On Adam it didn't look dorky, but rather cute and mischievous.

Adam shrugged, his eyes tracing invisible patterns on the board and wall. "Despite what I appear to be, I'm not all that tough."

Oh gawd, he was so modest... it was almost sickening. Adam seemed to be much like Jesse, except nothing like him at all. John just couldn't make sense of it at all. There was something about Adam that made him special.

"Well, you had me thinking you were... until you told me Catcher in the Rye makes you cry."

"That's nice, John, because it rhymes. If I weren't so childish I doubt I would have pointed that out to you."

"I don't care if you're childish, Adam." John stated, noticing the slight shiver he felt as Adam's name left his tongue.

"Really?" Adam asked, moving his hands through his hair, pushing it all off his face then letting it fall back into place.

John nodded, turning slightly so that he wasn't completely facing Adam anymore. It made him feel awkward, looking at him and his radiant beauty... uh, yeah.

"Hey, John?"

John turned to face Adam, one eyebrow raised slightly as he stroked the stubble on his chin that he claimed was a goatee... no, it was. Jesse was just jealous because John's facial hair was growing in faster than his was. Adam seemed to be beating them both, since John noticed a three o'clock shadow on his jaw and where sideburns grow... right near the ear that seemed to be pierced...

"John, can I eat lunch with you? I don't know anyone and I don't like them either..."

John paused, the question taking its time to register in his mind as he turned the idea over in it. He ate lunch alone with Jesse each and every single day. To let Adam eat with them would be like... breaking tradition. But, on the other hand, Adam would be all alone, because he was obviously feeling anti-social right now. John wasn't sure, but hey, what was the worst Jesse could do or say if Adam showed up? Nothing, so...

"Yeah, I suppose you could. I'll be eating with a good friend of mine. Jesse."

"Is Jesse a... girl?"

John rose an eyebrow, holding back a laugh of amusement. If only Jesse had been there to hear that one.

"No, Jesse's a guy. Jesse Lacey."

"Ah." Adam said, not upset or anything.

But Adam looked a little uncomfortable now, after the mention of Jesse's gender. He looked almost as if he wanted to back out on the lunch thing -- which would be great considering that Jesse might be upset that their alone time was becoming (for the day, John hoped) bring a friend to lunch day. It would mean no shy glances about the field, no brushing hands while starting to get up and no kiss on the cheek good-bye when John went to physics and Jesse went to religion.

"Ah? Is there a... problem?" John asked, carefully. He didn't want to upset Adam any further.

"No, no problem. I just... I don't know. Don't mock me."

John laughed as Adam shook his head, his fringy-emo-hair flying off his cheek and landing right back where it took off. John considered, for a moment, growing his hair like that... but Jesse didn't like long hair. That's why they both wore similar cuts, slightly spiked, neatly trimmed. Except that Jesse made his slightly messy and untamed.

John loved that about him. Jesse could take something so plain and simple and make it his own crazy, unique thing... and John wasn't just talking about Jesse's hair. He was talking about himself.

Even around Jesse, John could sometimes still hate himself. Just sometimes.

Ms. Delare walked back into the room, tapping her wooden pointer on the side of her desk to get everyone's attention. Then she started to talk about something, and John tuned out. Sure he liked English, but Ms.Delare bored him senseless. He'd get the work from Adam or whoever was actually listening.

Then the bell rang, and John couldn't be any happier to be alone with Jesse... oh, and Adam. John had forgotten that he'd told Adam he could tag along for the John and Jesse lunch hour. Well, forty-five minutes.

John slung his bag over his shoulders while Adam put his over just one -- he had a messenger bag -- gazing at John pleasantly. John had wanted a messenger bag, but decided against it. Traditional bags were easier to deal with.

"Let's go, John!" Adam exclaimed, walking out of the classroom, followed by a dopey and depressed-looking John, who wasn't really sure, if this was such a great idea.
John lead Adam out through the side doors, around the side of the school, past the basketball court and to the only tree that didn't grow inedible berries -- his and Jesse's tree.

Jesse was already there, and John was just started to get nervous.

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