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Heart on Your Sleeve

Heart On Your Sleeve
Chapter 01
Straylight Run/Brand New/Taking Back Sunday
Author: shayminn/ xxkonstantinex
Pairing:John Nolan/Jesse Lacey/Adam Lazzara
Rating: PG-13! (R later on.)
Disclaimer:Don't know, don't own.

A/N:echoelf, this is your requested high school fiction. I wasn't going to type it up, I was going to watch Star Wars... but then I saw that you weren't feeling well. So I typed it up. Enjoy!




The bell had rang, signaling the end of first period. John and Jesse had gym first period, the only class they saw each other in each and every day. The teacher dismissed them now, and like an army troop, the class marched into the change room, chatting softly under their breaths.

It had been exactly two months, three days and nineteen hours since John had asked Jesse to go steady with him -- as in to be his cuddlysnugglybundleoflove for now and the rest of eternity. Jesse, of course, had said yes, and John (obviously) couldn't be any happier.

Jesse Lacey was John Nolan's life.

They ate lunch together, rode the bus to school and back together, studied together, shopped together, sang together, cried and laughed together, slept together -- but not in that way, in the cuddly, cute way, the 'zzz' way. Jesse and John did everything together, since fourth grade, and nothing would ever get in the way of that.

None of the other guys really seemed to notice their... togetherness, the way Jesse would momentarily cling to John, the way John would discreetly plant a itty, bitty kiss on Jesse's neck. If they noticed, they didn't care. This seemed unlikely, since none of them had given the pair any odd looks lately. Just when Jesse decided he didn't want to shower after gym anymore because it made him nervous, to be wet and naked in a group of many young men.

Jesse just sat on a bench and waited with wet John until everyone had scattered so that he could clean himself. He made John guard the shower. Jesse didn't like to be watched.

Today was no exception. John got cleaned up, redressed in his button down shirt and tie, then sat beside his Jesse, who smelled of his sweet Jesse odor and lightly of the sweat his clothing and body wore.

They were alone for the moment, idly swinging their legs as they listened to the water running in the showers, and the occasional shout of 'pass me your soap!' It was hot in there, and John could barely see Jesse's Converse-clad feet through the fog on his glasses.

Jesse cleared his throat, letting his fingertips brush against the hand John rested against the seat of the bench they occupied. John shivered at Jesse's touch, turning to face his boyfriend. John loved how that sounded...

"You're still coming by after school today, right, John?" Jesse whispered softly, his intensely blue eyes catching the light just enough to give them a small sparkle. Jesse had beautiful eyes...

"Yeah, of course I am... why?" John asked, head tilted to the side as he studied Jesse's troubled expression.

"My mother wanted to know... she likes it when you stay for dinner, John. She wants your behavior to rub off on me."

John snickered, shaking his head. "I'll stay for dinner, Jesse... why does your mom like me so much?"

"Because you're intelligent, polite and helpful. Sophisticated, gentlemanly. Just everything that I'm not."

"Now, now Jesse, don't get all down on me, okay? Just -- you've got to remember you've got positive qualities as well, alright?"

"I know, I know." Jesse mumbled, watching as a few boys walked out of the showers in their towels, "You always tell me."

"Because it's true, Jesse." John stated softly, "I think everyone's out of there now."

Jesse glanced about, counting the others quickly before getting to his feet and stretching -- the size small gym shirt he wore riding up his slender hips and revealing some of his soft, smooth Jesse flesh. He picked up his towel, then handed John his uniform and together, they walked into the other room.

Jesse always used the first shower, right side, so John could lean against the wall while he hid behind the plastic, yellow curtain. John could hear Jesse singing softly as he removed his shirt and threw it at John, from over the top of the curtain. John held it, along with Jesse's sneakers (socks bundled up inside), boxers and gym shorts. Then he turned on the water.

John leant up against the wall and listened as Jesse hummed, listened to him squeeze shampoo onto his hand, listened to the soft padding of his feet against the tiles on the bathroom floor.

The change room was completely empty and the only noise came from Jesse in the shower. John could only imagine what that was like...

The water finally shut off, and Jesse stepped out, wrapped up in that overly large towel and dripping wet. There was some hair in his face, a little over his eye, but he didn't seem to care. John handed him his uniform and grinned sheepishly.

"Yes, they're gone, Mr. Jesse Lacey sir." he stated, quickly looking over Jesse's lithe body.

"Okay... its cold.." Jesse stated, shivering and jumping as the second bell rang. They would have been officially late, if the school's policies did not include a six-minute allowance for students who arrived after the late bell from gym. It was also a policy to shower after gym class.

John laughed, folding up Jesse's gym clothes, glad that the gym was used for girls' classes second period. That meant no boys would be in the male change room. Jesse had returned to the safety of the yellow curtain, and John listened to him zip up his school pants. Jesse threw back the curtain, partially wet and ready to face the rest of the day at school.

"Thanks for waiting for me, John." Jesse stammered, blushing.

John smiled warmly, noticing how adorable this part of Jesse was. The whole too-shy-to-look-him-in-the-eye Jesse. But Jesse stepped closer to John, towel hanging off his head still, smile teasingly seductive. John couldn't contain himself any longer, he had to kiss him...

John did, leaning down a little bit and letting his lips brush softly against Jesse's before he actually pressed them onto Jesse's, taking him by surprise. This would be their first real kiss... this kiss in which John unsurely rested a hand on the small of Jesse's back, where John's other hand stroked the baby smooth skin on Jesse's cheek. He could feel Jesse's hands on his sides, bringing him a little closer as the kiss turned a little hotter, heavier...

Soon, however, Jesse stepped back, his cheeks brighter than they were before, hands leaving John's sides. John felt a little flustered, but in a good way. It took time to get used to Jesse's good-boy-ness.

"I-I-I have to go to class..." Jesse squeaked, taking another step backwards and leaving John to pick up his things. They'd been dropped. Since Jesse's hands had had other arrangements.

"Jess... here..." John said, softly, taking the few steps to Jesse and dropping his clothes onto the bench beside his knapsack, "I'll meet you on the stairs after school, 'kay?"

"A-alright. See ya, John."

"Later Jesse." John muttered, watching Jesse leave the locker room before glancing down at his watch. John had a minute before he would be late for English class... which of course, was on the third floor.

John gathered his bag and binder, then quickly left the locker room, ignoring the stares from the niner girls (it was November and they still acted like they'd never seen a grade twelve before) and exited the gym.

John wandered into the hallway, not bothering to run, even if there was that slim chance they he could make it on time. He was too busy thinking about Jesse Lacey to care about Nora Delare, his English teacher. He was having some second thoughts on having kissed Jesse... maybe they weren't ready for that kind of thing yet Maybe he should have asked before he'd done it..?

But the moment had been perfect and Jesse loved surprises.

John was on the third floor now, and he stashed his gym clothes in his locker before heading to English. Ms. Delare didn't even bother to ask where he was or why he was late... ninety- percent average left that impression on people. That you were busy with something educational, or intellectual.

But... something was wrong. Had Ms.Delare switched the seating plan...? There was another guy sitting in John's seat, one with hair that looked so feathery and soft that John just wanted to stroke it...

He was a new student. John didn't recognize his face at all... his face was one that was too lovely to forget so easily.

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