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Drain the Blood From This Valentine

Drain the Blood From this Valentine
Thursday/Taking Back Sunday
Author: shayminn / xxkonstantinex
Pairing:Geoff Rickly/Adam Lazzara
Rating: Uh, R. Because I can.
Disclaimer:Don't know, don't own.




Your heart beats furiously, pounding against your chest as another trembling breath escapes your parched lips. You never thought this could happen to you. Of all people, you. It could just be the fact that you're naive and drunk, or that he is drunk and aggressive. Whatever the case, you know these memories cannot be erased. These memories the two of you are making now, in the dimly lit backseat of his car.

Your parents would kill you if they could see you now.

Music blared from the stereo speakers, but you could barely hear it over the noise the two of you were making. It was his band, you think. Thursday, Full Collapse? Like your hearing, your eyes feel slightly impaired, and you can barely keep them open to look at Geoff. You can feel him there, his hands more experienced than yours can ever be as he touches you where he pleases, every touch feeling more right than the last one. You can't handle it anymore, so you let out a tiny noise -- a mixture between a whimper and a moan -- as his hand runs down your bare leg, fingernails gently digging into your baby soft flesh.

He shushed you, breath tickling your neck, against the sweat that heavily coated it. That had felt so nice, and had made you want him even more, if that was even possible. His hand came up and and pushed your brown hair from your eyes, hair that had grown terribly thick with your own sweat, and his. Then there he was, his bright eyes looking hungrily into yours, tongue poking out to run smoothly over your lips.

Then you started to softly kiss him, one of your hands pinned to your side, the other one caught in his hair. With his kiss, he could trick you into thinking he loved you. You've always loved Geoff, but to him, you had been just another guy. Your chest started to ache slightly when his kissing got harder, and you tried to keep up with his mouth and tongue.

He was playing with you -- body and mind. You knew this perfectly well, but didn't stop to care or care to stop. Every inch of him was lovely and you just wanted to indulge yourself. Surely he knew how beautiful you thought he was...

Why should your feelings matter now? He was a twenty-one year old looking for a thrill and you were a sixteen-year old looking to score. Even if it was with someone who was five years older than you, someone drunk and bored.

You had, after all, known him half your life.

You kissed the bottom of his jaw, the stubble on his face tickling your nose and scratching your cheek. You could taste his sweat in your mouth, taste it in your tongue as you ran that against the base of his jaw. He shivered, and you grinned. But you really just wanted him to scream like he did onstage, passionately, loudly. But this scream you wanted just for you...

"Adam..." he spoke your name, each syllable leaving his tongue so slowly, deliberately just so you would squirm. And you did. And just like when his breath had been against your neck, it was now in your ear.

You were too scared to even breathe. He was just that beautiful. What had you done to deserve this? Even though it wasn't real, and it didn't mean a thing... why had he chosen you?

His lips enclosed upon your neck, his tongue lapping at the skin his mouth covered, and you hoped he was leaving a mark for the world to see. Geoff was your bad habit, and you needed him so badly. He was your nicotine, your heroin, your friend. Behind all this lay the friendship you two shared.

There was a ringing from the front seat of the car -- from Geoff's pants, and he slowly, unwillingly, detached himself from you and clambered off, reaching for his cell phone.

You were surprised by how easily he could maneuver in the backseat of a car -- his tiny car, nevertheless.


You hear his side of the conversation only, but you gather that he's talking to Tucker. Damn Tucker. Sitting up, you gaze over at the car's stereo, to see that it is well past midnight -- oh, your parents are going to kill you.

Geoff mentions something about dropping you off first, then he throws his cell phone back into his pants and crawls back over.

"Sorry, Adam. I have to get over to Tucker's house for some stupid band shit. But how about I get you again tomorrow?"

Then he kissed your forehead, running a hand almost lazily through your hair. Maybe if you're not grounded the two of you can arrange something.


"Great... I'm still sorry but you know the guys can't find out about this. You're not even legal yet, are you? You're what -- sixteen?"

You nod, putting your shirt on as he speaks. Then there's silence as you both dress, and you clamber into the front seat of the car. Geoff goes around, however, sighing heavily as he starts the engine and leaves the spot he'd parked at.

... you still just wanted to be his valentine.

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